Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movies I want!

So, what movies do you want to see made? They can be far-fetched or seem like a strong possibility. State your thoughts! Here are some of mine:

A film about the Christian martyrs of Japan back in the 1600s. For info on this historical tragic event, go here: . A movie was made in 1956 in Japan called Seidou no Kirisuto ("Christ in Bronze") (), but doesn't seem to be available anywhere. If this film is made, I'd either want it to be a Japanese production, or, if it must be non-Japanese by country of origin, a Japanese language film, such as Clint Eastwood's "Letters From Iwo Jima".

Live-action Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) films! As far as countries go, Japan would be preferrable, but I wouldn't even much mind an American, English language one as long as the original names and stuff were maintained (yeah, like that'll ever happen). I think with the CGI we have today, a live-action Pocket Monsters movie could look pretty amazing, especially for die-hard fans like me. Just don't make the Pokemon look like Garfield or Scooby Doo did when they got silver screen live-action films.

A Splinter Cell movie starring Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher. According to IMDb, there's a Splinter Cell movie due next year, but Ironside will not be Fisher. If they can't get Ironside to play him, I'd rather it be a CGI animated film (which could still look really great, but live-action would really be neater). Let's face it, Ironside is Sam Fisher. He's voiced him in every game, and I don't know if I could accept anyone else in the role. I know he's old, but Fisher's character (if they are sticking with the current timeline) isn't exactly young (besides, CGI could really aid him in looking younger. It's already been proven that works!). I know he's not in shape, but he could get in shape. Obviously he wouldn't do the stunts, but who does?

I want to know that when Captain America gets a movie a year or two from now, he'll be played by a white actor. I mention this only because I've heard rumors of Will Smith playing the role (he's one of the best actors I've seen in my life, but come on!). This isn't at all racial by the way. I'd be just as annoyed to hear rumors of a white woman playing Storm in the X-Men, or an Asian man playing Black Panther (if he ever gets a movie). The point is staying true to the original character and story.

A good otter movie. For that matter, I can't think of a wolf movie I've liked either. I've seen "Ring of Bright Water" (otter) and "Dances With Wolves", and disliked them both! I've seen a great lion film in "Born Free", a great orca film in "Free Willy", and plenty of good dog flicks. But I want my wolf and otter fix! ;-)

A Daredevil remake. 'Nuff said.

A sequel to "The Incredible Hulk". It was very good, and totally left it open for a sequel.

More Japanese Christian movies period! This one trails only a new Japanese Christian martyr film (which really is totally in the same category) as my #1 most wanted unmade film.

A Super Gals film, preferably animated with all the same Japanese cast back. Actually, I'd like several films, but just one would tickle me pink. A live-action one could be interesting too, but I'd really just prefer a well animated film. I know this probably will never happen, but I can dream. At least we got 52 eps out of the series, which is more than I would've expected right there! So I can be happy still! ^^

A Mobile Suit Gundam film. The first "Transformers" really stunk IMO, and I won't even see the sequel. We need a good mecha film.

More hockey biographical films. I'd especially like Sakic to get one (followed by Bourque and Roy), but I'm not picky. About the only NHL player with a movie is Maurice Richard (who's film is called "The Rocket" in the USA), and while he certainly deserved one, we need more (Gretzky, anyone?).

More films that counter stupid stereotypes. I'm sick of most relationships being non-biracial (nothing wrong with relationships of the same race, not at all, but why is this 99% of the time what we see?). I'm sick of the person with glasses, freckles, or braces being the nerd. I'm sick of long nails constituting a tramp or a witch. I'm sick of the fat guy being the dope. I'm sick of the disabled not getting more attention. I'm sick of the same kinds of characters and storylines floating through the majority of the movies we see today. I'm also certainly sick of everyone feeling like they have to go along with what the world say is right because they're afraid to speak out and be ridiculed or attacked for it, especially when it comes to what is morally and spiritually right. Some filmmakers do this, thank God, but that's usually from the small name companies who still believe in good things, not the big name people who have been so sucked into fame, money, and the world's ways.

Speaking of people speaking out for what's right, isn't Abe Lincoln getting a movie? If not he certainly should!

A Miyazaki films that is like his new ones in every aspect except bad content, i.e.: I don't want another based around Shintouism and/or witchcraft.

That's all for now. What about you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Halloween - Why Are We Celebrating?"

My dad wrote this tract years ago, and it explains a little about the famous holiday of candy and spooks. This is what my dad wrote.

To the average person Halloween is nothing more than a time to dress in outrageous costumes and attend parties; to some it can also represent a time to indulge in mischievous acts, including vandalism. The fact is, most individuals don't understand the spiritual implications associated with this "holiday". For example, they don't realize that the tradition of wearing costumes originated with the ancient Celtic Druids. The occultists believed that a person could acquire strength and other attributes of animals, spirits, demons, or animal/beasts by dressing in costumes which resembled them (a belief still followed by most Satanists and other members of the occult to this day). The modern day "trick or treat" night also originated with the Druids. They believed that on the eve of Oct. 31 the pagan god Samhain (god of death) would come to visit the living accompanied by the spirits of the dead. These spirits would harass and play "tricks" on the living, such as the destruction of crops, if they were not appeased (treated). The party game of dunking for apples began as a method of divination. If a person dunked for an apple and grabbed it with their teeth they would supposedly be able to select a mate and the selected person would be unable to resist them. The pumpkin or "jack 'o lantern" arose from the tale of an infamous man named Jack. The story says he was so bad that he was refused by heaven and hell and doomed to roam the earth. This individual supposedly carried a glowing piece of coal in a carved out gourd to light his way at night.

While many people of today's "modern and enlightened" society dismiss as nonsense the spiritual implications associated with this satanic "holiday", it is important to remember that occult members do not. To members of the occult, October 31st is one of the four major days which they refer to as "witches sabots" or "cross quarter" days. The ancient Druids referred to Samhain day (Halloween) as a mystical time of "betwixt and between"; a day on which many occult members still practice the conjuring of spirits.

Law enforcement agencies all across the country report increases in occult-related crimes, such as poisonings, kidnappings and ritual murders, in the days surrounding Halloween. Also, in response to the increased occult activity during this "holiday" season, several animal shelters and anti-cruelty organizations nation wide have banned the purchasing or adopting of black cats on the days prior to, during, and following Halloween in an attempt to reduce the number of animals tortured in ritual sacrifices.

Obviously not every person who celebrates Halloween is in the occult. Most people who participate in the events of this day will never become practicing Satanists or occult members; however, police reports reveal that most individuals become involved in occult activities gradually and are initially inspired by a curiosity for the supernatural. This being the case, it seems clear that by participating in this holiday, with all the overtones which it bears, we run the risk of inviting the seed of curiosity into the hearts of our loved ones.

Not every child who chases a ball into the street will be hit by a car, and not every child who participates in Halloween will be seduced into the occult or become another statistic to some violent act; but for every one ho does there will be a family filled with grieving and regret.

Each year innocent children fall prey to those who are involved in the occult, and for the families who are victimized by these vicious acts the arguments in favor of participating in this day are replaced by mourning.

If you are celebrating Halloween this year, for the sake of your family, PLEASE make this year your last.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Featured character

I thought I'd post different favorite fictional characters of mine occasionally.

Today's character is Stitch of Disney's Lilo and Stitch.

"Originally made to cause chaos across the galaxy, he is marked by his short temper and mischievous behavior, traits that endear him to his friend Lilo, who adopted him as her puppy dog." - Wikipedia

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The passing of a legend

Colorado Avalanche franchise superstar and nearly career-long captain, center Joe Sakic, has announced his retirement after 17 incredible NHL seasons, all spent with the Avalanche franchise. He won 2 Stanley Cups, 1 Conn Smythe, 1 Hart Trophy, and finished with 1,641 career points, the 8th most in NHL history.

However, Sakic (I just learned today from an old interview with Sakic that his name is correctly pronounced "Sa-kich", not the common English pronunciation "Sa-kik") was far more than just his achievements. He was a heart and soul all-around player that was the core of the franchise for its entire in the Rocky Mountains. He was and is THE Avalanche player. There so much I could, and want, to say about Joe Sakic that I don't even know where to start. There is no player like him, nor will there ever be. Hockey will miss him unbelievably. This is truly a sad and emotional day not just for die-hard Avalanche fans like myself, but for the NHL and sports as a whole. You'd be hard pressed to find a hockey fan who hasn't heard of the name Joe Sakic. Many players, including the recent Avs draftee and likely NHL star Matt Duchene, have idolized and modeled their games after him.

Sakic could fill every part of the game. He obviously could score goals. In fact, he own the greatest, most powerful, most accurate, and certainly fastest wrist shot I'v seen in my whole life. His wrist shot was harder and faster than most people's slapshots. When he let one of those rip, if he didn't score, he'd at least make one heck of a golden opportunity.

Sakic was also one of the game's great playmakers. In fact, in his usual humble manner, he'd more often pass his teammate than fire the shot himself. He could make beautiful, quick, fluid passes that would find the player even if his was in the midst of a maze of activity. Sakic had vision like a hawk. He was aware of everything around him on the ice. Not only that, but he was a genius hockey player. He knew the right choice to make at the right time even when he only had a second to make it. Few other players have ever had the instincts and hockey sense of Sakic. He was also a great faceoff man, winning crucial draws when the team really needed it.

While he usually was a finesse-type player, he could also be a great physical player when the situation called for it. In fact, though he only had one fight in his whole career (vs. Doug Gilmour of the Chicago Blackhawks), he really kicked butt. More importantly, he could hold his own in tough situations in-game against the great defensemen and enforcers of the league. Heck, often they'd have trouble even catching him. Joe Sakic was one fast guy, with amazing acceleration. He was a tremendously gifted skater, who, if he got off on a breakaway, could not be caught.

For all his offensive talent, Sakic was also an fantastic defensive player. He knew all about how to play defensively and could put himself in just the right spot to foil an opposing player's plan. He could read players amazingly well. He knew what they were thinking. Often Sakic would be out on the penalty kill as much as the power play. Sakic has been rightly called one of the greatest two-way players of all time.

Sakic was an amazingly creative hockey player. He was always coming up with new strategies and moves to win a game. Once the shootout was added to the NHL at the start of the 2005-06 season, Sakic quickly came up with an incredible move that goalies never really did figure out how to beat. He'd go down the slot and get the goalie thinking Sakic would pull to his left to shoot, but then would gracefully sweep the puck to his right, making the goalie commit himself, deke around the goalie, and just as he'd pass by the side of the net he'd backhand the puck right to the top shelf. That move surprised and entertained me to death every time I watched it.

One thing that will always be remembered about Joe was his ability to surprise and steal game, to add that much needed play of goal at just the right moment. Long time Avs color commentator Peter McNabb labeled Sakic as the greatest clutch player in the history of the game. Sakic is the all time NHL leader in overtime playoff goals with 8 (a few years ago he passed the great Maurice "The Rocket" Richard to become the all time leader). Any Avs fan can give you examples of times he stole a game when the Avs most needed it. He always came through for Colorado.

That was the kind of player Joey was. His amazing skills and leadership earned him nicknames such as "Super Joe" and "Smokin' Joe". He was one heck of a leader. Sakic, however, was the kind of player who had a pure natural presence about him. When he stepped on the ice, everybody, including the opposing team, respected him. I don't think I've ever heard any player, coach, or sports commentator or writer speak one negative thing about Joe Sakic. He commanded respect without saying so much as a word. His playing, the way he handled himself, and his great integrity always spoke itself. Sakic, from the time he came to Colorado to the time of his retirement was always one of the most respected people in the NHL. Now, he will be one of the most respected players of all time.

Something that will always be remembered about Joe by fans, staff, and players alike is his tremendous integrity. His amazing sportsmanship even won him the Lady Bing Trophy in 2001, the year he lead the Avalanche to their second and most recent Stanely Cup championship. Never have I seen such a humble and classy player. He is, in fact, one of the classiest people I've witnessed in my life, even outside of hockey, and I've never even had the honor of meeting him. He never, despite his achievements, spoke about himself, nor did he ever want the spotlight on himself. He wanted it on everyone else, especially his team and his family. That's who Joey really was and still is.

He was known not just as a gentleman on the ice, but off it as well. He was always friendly to the people around him, signing autographs and attending Avalanche-related events. But what really stood out was the was he always reached out to help others, especially those in need. He supported and personally helped out in numerous charities, many of which we never even hear about. Many charities he supported were for children. If he was ever presented with an award or some other honor and there would be people lined up to give it to him, if there was a kid, that would be the first person he'd go up to and talk to. Today I saw a short video of Sakic during a stoppage in a game and he skated to the Plexiglas were a kid who couldn't have been more than a few years old sat with his mom. He then leaned over with his face against the tiny space between the glass so he could talk to him.

Sakic's a fantastic family man. He has three young kids and loves them all dearly, and they him. As he spoke at his retirement press conference earlier today, you could see one of his boys crying as he watched his dad on the stage, saying his goodbyes. His family loved watching him play, and his kids obviously think the world of him. He also dearly loves his wife, and they seem to have a great marriage. When Sakic was asked today what he'd want to be remembered as, his response was that he wanted to be remembered as a good family man, and a good hockey player. Mission far more than accomplished, Joe.

I didn't become a serious Avs fan until 2001 when the Avalanche won the Cup. My greatest memory to this day was the moment that Joe Sakic handed Ray Bourque, likely the greatest defenseman of all time, his first Stanley Cup, the one he'd played his entire 20 year career to get. Traditionally it's the captain who first hoists the Cup when his team wins it. Not Joe. In his usual, selfless manner, he received the Cup from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and immediately skated to Ray to let him lift it first. After that night, I was the Avaholic I still am today, and my favorite player was Joe Sakic. The first jersey I ever bought was a then home jersey sporting the Avalanche burgundy and white. I still have it in my closet a few yards away from me as I type this message, hanging proudly next to Bourque and former star Avs goalie Patrick Roy jerseys. I have a Sakic picture mounted on my wall just a little beyond my computer monitor. Before a took interest in the position of goaltender, I wanted to model my game after Joe's just like so many, many others did and still do. Even now, Sakic remains (with a couple others) my favorite NHL player of all time.

What I most love and admire about Sakic, above all else, is his walk with the Lord. My favorite thing about seeing Sakic on TV is not to watch him play or hear him speak, but to look into his eyes. Sure, I know as a fact from all I've heard that Sakic is a born-again Christian, but those eyes are the eyes of a man who is a TRUE Christian, not someone who prays and goes to church and other than that life his life for himself in whatever way he chooses. Those eyes are the eyes of a man who walks closely with God, and loves Him greatly. What I see in his eyes are great strength, power, and wisdom, and that blessing he received through God has been wonderfully demonstrated throughout his whole life as we've seen him. That's what I'll miss most about Joe Sakic, but I hope that someday I'll meet him in person, not just on this Earth, but greater yet in the Lord's wondrous Kingdom of Heaven. There I'll get to know the man behind the eyes as I want to know him.

Joe Sakic's passing from the hockey world as a player will always leave a gaping hole, one that the Avs will never be able to fill, no matter how long or hard they try. He's absolutely irreplaceable. There never has been another player like Joe, nor will there ever be. He was one of a kind, one that will be remembered by hockey fans for as long as the world endures.

We'll all miss Joe Sakic very much. While I so, so much wish he could have kept playing at least for one more year, I know he's made the right choice. I'm sure he talked it over carefully and thoughtfully with his family before coming to his decision, and most importantly, I'm sure he devoted it to the Lord through prayer and consideration. I'm sure the Lord gave him peace with this. It's time. While I'll never be ready to see him leave, I do hope he continues to be involved in hockey, in what ever position God has for him, if that God's will, and hopefully, that place will remain in Colorado where the fans will continue to enjoy his presence and commitment.

Even now I get choked up myself just thinking about his retiring from the Avs and from the NHL. Yet I'm also happy for him. This is the next chapter in his life, as he said, and he'll love and enjoy being able to spend as much time with his family as he wants now; something far, far more important than hockey, as great a game as it may be. He'll be missed by us still watching, though, and we'll always miss him.

He set a example for years to come in the game of hockey, and for all those he worked with and met off the ice. Truly there will never be another Joe Sakic. But we will always have the ememory of him, and what he did for us.

Joe Sakic was the core of the Avalanche franchise. He is what made hockey great in the state of Colorado. We'll never forget him.

Goodbye, Joe. Thank you so, so very much.

To view the Denver Post's story on Sakic's retirement, go here:

A video tribute to Sakic:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It's Independence Day! What are you doing? My family and I are having lots of friends and family over for a big party. I hope the weather is good enough for us to shoot off some good fireworks!

Despite the current state of the country and the direction it's heading in, this is a day where we can remember when America really was the greatest nation on Earth, the day freedoms were born for multitudes of people from then and on. Today is a day for family and for good summer fun, and to relish the God-given freedoms we have to enjoy. Praise the Lord!

It gets worse

The Avalanche pulled their worst move yet this offseason last night when they traded star forward Ryan Smyth to the Los Angeles Kings. In return, they get defensemen Kyle Quincey and Tom Preissing, and a 5th round draft pick.

Quincey appears to be a good two-way defenseman, and had 38 points last season. Preissing has a $2.7 million contract, so he'd better be good. (he was limited to only a handful of games last season due to injuries, and was a disappointing -7 when he did play) A 5th round pick may or may not turn out well. It's a late pick, but the Avs also have had a good history with late picks.

The Kings have won this trade, however. Ryan Smyth was another one of the Avs' heart and soul players. He was a leader, and brought energy and character to the game. Smyth, called "Captain Canada", was a hard-working, gritty forward that played a smart and physical game, and put up good points. He'll be sorely missed, not just as a player, but as a person. He was another one of my favorite Avs. Last season he refused to waive his no-trade clause, but apparently now he's changed his mind. Thanks for the memories Smytty. We'll really miss you. Have fun in LA, and may God bless your efforts in all that you do, and whatever you do, do it unto Him. Here's hoping you'll play with us again someday.

As far as the Avs are concerned, I think it's getting worse all the time. Even if Joey (Joe Sakic) comes back, we are starting to look worse than we did last year. Here's a little breakdown:

-The worst GM in Avs history (Greg Sherman) is gutting us, probably with our repulsive owner Stan Kronke pulling the strings. (your money may be really important to you, but I've got news for you Kronke, the more you gut our team, THE LESS PEOPLE THAT'LL COME TO YOUR GAMES!! You're only going to money this way!)

-An unproven head coach (Joe Sacco) who has never coached in the NHL, and had a mediocre couple previous seasons in the .

-Avs lose key player Ian Laperriere, and try to fill in with former Lightning winger David Koci. I don't know whether to laugh or shout in anger.

-Avs trade away star player Ryan Smyth for a late round draft pick and a couple decent defensemen.

-Avs sign goaltender Craig Anderson, choosing good over great (they passed up Swedish goalie Jonas Gustavsson, who still has yet to make a decision. While it may have been good not to chance him signing elsewhere and getting caught with our pants down, even right now there are still some good goalies left, such as Biron, that, while not great, would've been a decent backup plan). Anderson has had great numbers for a bad team that allows I think the most shots of any team in the league. However, he is still unproven as an NHL starter, and he's coming into his prime, so time will tell if this was a failed attempt.

-Avs core Joe Sakic may or may not return this season. (we should know next week at the earliest)

-Avs have a great draft, but we still don't know for sure if potential superstar Matt Duchene will play with the Avs this year. (my guess is he will, but it's still an unknown at this point)

Not far into the offseason and already there are so many negatives, and they certainly at this point out do the positives. I don't want to be pessimistic, but the sad reality is management (or more likely ownership) is killing our team. It begs the question, what's next? Is anyone on our team safe? Are we even going to have a real hockey team next season? I hope things get better from here, I really do, but so far there's nothing giving me the hope that they will.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A disappointing first day of NHL free agency

Free agency opened in the NHL today, but the Avs' decisions were ones that will hurt them in the long run.

-The Avalanche let heart and soul winger Ian Laperriere leave and sign with the Flyers. He will make $1.23 million this season, a mere $0.8 million increase from his salary with the Avs last season. The Avs still have around $10 million to spend in cap space. Why then, did we let Ian go, a player who gave his all every night and was one of the team's core players? This one will hurt majorly, in almost every field, from leadership, to inspiration, to shot-blocking, to that key goal the team needs to get a jump. Not to mention, Avs management, this will hurt fan attendance. I know you want money, so why did you do this if it will only hurt attendance? Lappy was one of Colorado fans' favorite players, including one of mine.

-The Avs signed winger David Koci. He had a mere 2 points in 32 games last season, and a whopping 141 penalty minutes. That's what we need, a guy who can't score, but will take plenty of stupid penalties for us so we can get scored on. Are you trying to lose games for us, management? If this is your idea of "filling in" for Lappy, you need your heads examined.

-The Avs signed goaltender Craig Anderson. While Anderson has some notably good potential (and wanted to play with the Avs), this destroys our hopes of landing Swedish goalie Jonas Gustavsson. I knew the Avs management would have no patience, but it's still just as frustrating. Why take a good goalie when you could've had an excellent one? He would've come cheaper than Anderson, and has the potential to be the next star goalie in the NHL. You just blew it for yourselves.

It's looking like the Avs are going to have another horrible season. I hope things pick up from here, and that I'm wrong and we have a great year. But I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Avs fire Granato!!

Yahoo!! Finally, the Colorado Avalanche has fired head coach Tony Granato, whom I believe is the most to blame for the Avs' awful season this past year. Several others changes were also made, including the firing of goalie coach Jeff Hackett, another move I am extremely happy with. Here's the story:

Now it's time to bring back Bob Hartley! Not sure about hiring assistant GM Greg Sherman as new team general manager, someone's who's never been a chief GM before. Still, he sounds like he wants to do his best (we'll see how much of that's just being diplomatic), he's been with the organization 13 years (including 7 as assistant GM), and Lacroix will be mentoring him. Let's just hope he turns out better than Francois Giguere, who, while not bad in my opinion, still made a lot of bad moves.

Now, outside of the draft and re-signing our important current players (Sakic and Laperriere anyone?), we need to look at goaltending. Though I'd love to see Budaj back as a backup goalie, he hasn't proven he has what it takes to be our starting netminder.

The man I want is Jonas Gustavsson, the Swedish phenom who is called one of the best goalies in the world not currently playing in the NHL. Just watch these videos. He has what we need.

We already made the sad mistake of letting go of possible superstar Vitaly Kolesnik a few years ago. We need to nab this guy, and hold onto him. He has everything we need - speed, size, agility, determination, hockey sense, lateral movement, you name it. Besides, the guy's only 24, and should only get better. All he lacks is NHL experience. He put up incredible numbers in the Swedish league, and has narrowed his search for an NHL team down to four teams, and the Avs are one of them. He's made it clear he's jumping to the NHL this year, and the Avs need to do everything they can to make sure they're the city he lands in. Also note that, since he'd be a rookie and unproven in the NHL, he'd command a small salary, which is all too important for the Avs, who aren't far under the cap ceiling already. Let's get on it, Avs! You have a new GM, now get to work!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


*steps onto a soapbox* For anyone else who hates how poor little Mort gets picked on in the Madagascar movies and primarily the Penguins of Madagascar show, here's my salute of support. Go Mort! ^^



These are hilarious! I just wish I could find the one where super hero Aflac duck tries to save a woman on a railroad track.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Next film rating

Снежная королева (1957)
(Snezhnaya Koroleva)
(The Snow Queen)

If I had know when I saw some of this dubbed in English at my cousin's house, I wouldn't have reacted nearly so well, so I guess my ignorance was a good thing. Anyone who knows me knows I hate dubs, and the acting and voices for this in the English version, primarily Gerda's, in my opinion, were quite mediocre.
That out of the way, I had the blessing of viewing this in its original Russian language, and it was quite enjoyable. Though I watched it raw, after viewing it I was actually grateful for this, because while I only know a couple words of Russian, no English subtitles allowed me to better appreciate not only the excellent animation, but the culture within the movie, primarily in the language. While I'll grant you this was adapted from the book "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson, a Dutch writer, this classic animated masterpiece has a genuine Russian feel about it, again, primarily because of the dialogue. I have long had an attraction to Russian culture, but this movie only served to further my interest in and respect for the culture and for the language, which I think sounds quite pretty and unique. This is my first Russian language film, and I hope to find more ones worth watching in the future. On a side note, I read the Wikipedia plot summary along with the movie to help me understand the plot, though I think most is understood without even knowing what the characters are saying. For the Wikipedia page, go here:
This is a good family film, with little content trouble to be aware of. The worst is the elements of sorcery coming from the Snow Queen and about one side character, but I found this notably less offense than say Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The animation is not far from the quality of the classic Disney movies in fact; again I reference "Snow White". The music is nice and befitting of the movie, and the voices are good as well. I was a little disappointed that Gerda ("GEHR-dah" with a Spanish-like "r") still sounds like an adult attempting the voice of a child, but it far surpassing the English voice actress.
In summary, Snezhnaya Koroleva is a classic animated film that I recommend to almost anyone, not just for its quality, but for its fascinating culture, which can only be fully appreciated by watching the Russian language version. It is a cute and heart-warming story about a young girl named Gerda whose heart, love, and determination help her find and rescue her beloved friend Kay (rhymes with "eye") from the evil eating away at him.
The movie is also only exactly an hour in length, so it's good for those with short viewing time. To see it, search for a torrent, or you can view it in pieces here:

God bless!

Movies Netflix doesn't have

Seeing as Netflix doesn't have every movie under the sun, I've taken it upon myself to give those ratings here on my blog. I'll start with some of the films I've seen in the Gamera series.

大怪獣ガメラ (1965)
(Daikaijuu Gamera)
(Giant Monster Gamera)
(Gammera the Invincible) (US)

The debut film of the Gamera series is enjoyable in its own right, but seemed too much of a Gojira (Godzilla) imitation, and it is a fact that Gamera was originally made to counter Gojira's success. Still, Gamera has a charm of his own, the movie is a classic and a must see for any fan of monster films. Just make sure you see the Japanese version! has Gamera and lots of other rare monster movies, so check it out.

大怪獣決闘 ガメラ対バルゴン (1966)
(Daikaijuu Kessen: Gamera tai Barugon)
(Giant Monster Duel: Gamera vs. Barugon)
(Gamera vs. Barugon) (US)

I've seen the first 5 Gamera films at this point, and this has been the low point of the series thus far. Its greatest short-coming for me is a moderate measure of idolatry and eastern religion. The people of New Guinea in the film believe in gods and curses typical of Japanese films that reference religion and beliefs.
Barugon is a decent first enemy for Gamera, but not highly impressive. Gamera also seems to have many occurrences that are sloppy, inconsistent, and inrealistic even for kaijuu films, such as how Barugon can be harmed by rain, yet when his front end goes into the water while fighting Gamera, he's totally unharmed. Then, when being fully in the water, he's harmed by water again. Only so many things can be blamed on lack of technology and resources available today.

大怪獣空中戦 ガメラ対ギャオス (1967)
(Daikaijuu Kuchu Kessan: Gamera tai Gyaosu)
(Giant Monster Midair Battle: Gamera Versus Gyaos)
(Gamera vs. Gyaos) (US)

The third is so far the best IMO. Gyaos seems like Gamera's Radon (a pteranodon-like enemy of Gojira's) in many ways, but is primarily a bat monster. While its costume is terribly fake-looking, it has been Gamera's most enjoyable, believable, creative, and exciting matchup thus far. Gamera's last fight with Gyaos may go down as one of my favorite kaijuu battles of all time.
I continue to enjoy the Gamera series' kid-friendliness. While not very realistic, I like that Gamera is a wholesome hero for children to enjoy. While Gojira is sometimes the hero, sometimes the villain, and sometimes somewhere in between, Gamera has always been the hero, primarily one that has a particular affinity for children.

More come, let me know your thoughts! God bless!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dubs are evil

I do not want them here or there, I do not want them anywhere.

Dubs kill. Just say no to dubs.

Original language is your friend, and subtitles are its little helper. Have a nice day. XD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great is the Lord

The Lord wants us to abide in Him in everything that we do, and He demands our praise. Great is the Lord, Who has granted us in His great righteousness everything good that we all have. He provides us each day with food, drink, and strength. He is the shelter to those who would believe in Him. He is great. Let us all rejoice in our Creator, the Lord God! As His Word says:

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!" - Philippians 4:4

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NHL to this point

I love hockey. It's my all time favorite sport, no contest whatsoever. Naturally, I follow the NHL very closely. Unfortunately, my absolute favorite team, the Colorado Avalanche, pretty much blows this year. We're the worst team in the Western Conference, and if we'd just get a new coach and a #1 goalie, we'd be in business. Still, there is some good news today for us Avs fans.

Today the Avs beat lifelong rival Detroit Red Wings 6-5 in the shootout. Adam Foote, our defensive core, returned from injury, and forward Ryan Smyth played in his 900th career game. We won the shootout 2-1, with defenseman Jordan Leopold notching the winning goal. The best part - though the Avs are having their worst season since coming to Denver, we're a surprising 3-0 versus Detroit this year, two of the games ending in a shootout (the Avs are now 8-1 in shootouts this year! w00t!). With just one meeting left, we've officially won the season series, which is only fitting for a team that lost to them all four times last regular season, and then got swept by them in the playoffs. Take that, Wings!

I LOVE this video! ^^