Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dubs are evil

I do not want them here or there, I do not want them anywhere.

Dubs kill. Just say no to dubs.

Original language is your friend, and subtitles are its little helper. Have a nice day. XD


evil squirrel said...

Hi! I found your site in where I am a member too. Welcome to the site btw.

I agree that dubs kill the quality/essence of the movie/anime. I prefer the hearing the real actors' voices in the movie's original language or reading the subtitles.

Cool blog!

Jeikobu said...

Thank you!

I totally agree, it loses so much of the culture and what makes the movie or show what it is supposed to be when it is dubbed. I know that some people have trouble reading subs, but if at all possible, I strongly recommend one at least give it a try.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog! If you have any recommendations on how to improve it, feel free to post. ^^

The Aristocrats said...
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