Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A disappointing first day of NHL free agency

Free agency opened in the NHL today, but the Avs' decisions were ones that will hurt them in the long run.

-The Avalanche let heart and soul winger Ian Laperriere leave and sign with the Flyers. He will make $1.23 million this season, a mere $0.8 million increase from his salary with the Avs last season. The Avs still have around $10 million to spend in cap space. Why then, did we let Ian go, a player who gave his all every night and was one of the team's core players? This one will hurt majorly, in almost every field, from leadership, to inspiration, to shot-blocking, to that key goal the team needs to get a jump. Not to mention, Avs management, this will hurt fan attendance. I know you want money, so why did you do this if it will only hurt attendance? Lappy was one of Colorado fans' favorite players, including one of mine.

-The Avs signed winger David Koci. He had a mere 2 points in 32 games last season, and a whopping 141 penalty minutes. That's what we need, a guy who can't score, but will take plenty of stupid penalties for us so we can get scored on. Are you trying to lose games for us, management? If this is your idea of "filling in" for Lappy, you need your heads examined.

-The Avs signed goaltender Craig Anderson. While Anderson has some notably good potential (and wanted to play with the Avs), this destroys our hopes of landing Swedish goalie Jonas Gustavsson. I knew the Avs management would have no patience, but it's still just as frustrating. Why take a good goalie when you could've had an excellent one? He would've come cheaper than Anderson, and has the potential to be the next star goalie in the NHL. You just blew it for yourselves.

It's looking like the Avs are going to have another horrible season. I hope things pick up from here, and that I'm wrong and we have a great year. But I'm not holding my breath.

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