Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movies I want!

So, what movies do you want to see made? They can be far-fetched or seem like a strong possibility. State your thoughts! Here are some of mine:

A film about the Christian martyrs of Japan back in the 1600s. For info on this historical tragic event, go here: . A movie was made in 1956 in Japan called Seidou no Kirisuto ("Christ in Bronze") (), but doesn't seem to be available anywhere. If this film is made, I'd either want it to be a Japanese production, or, if it must be non-Japanese by country of origin, a Japanese language film, such as Clint Eastwood's "Letters From Iwo Jima".

Live-action Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) films! As far as countries go, Japan would be preferrable, but I wouldn't even much mind an American, English language one as long as the original names and stuff were maintained (yeah, like that'll ever happen). I think with the CGI we have today, a live-action Pocket Monsters movie could look pretty amazing, especially for die-hard fans like me. Just don't make the Pokemon look like Garfield or Scooby Doo did when they got silver screen live-action films.

A Splinter Cell movie starring Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher. According to IMDb, there's a Splinter Cell movie due next year, but Ironside will not be Fisher. If they can't get Ironside to play him, I'd rather it be a CGI animated film (which could still look really great, but live-action would really be neater). Let's face it, Ironside is Sam Fisher. He's voiced him in every game, and I don't know if I could accept anyone else in the role. I know he's old, but Fisher's character (if they are sticking with the current timeline) isn't exactly young (besides, CGI could really aid him in looking younger. It's already been proven that works!). I know he's not in shape, but he could get in shape. Obviously he wouldn't do the stunts, but who does?

I want to know that when Captain America gets a movie a year or two from now, he'll be played by a white actor. I mention this only because I've heard rumors of Will Smith playing the role (he's one of the best actors I've seen in my life, but come on!). This isn't at all racial by the way. I'd be just as annoyed to hear rumors of a white woman playing Storm in the X-Men, or an Asian man playing Black Panther (if he ever gets a movie). The point is staying true to the original character and story.

A good otter movie. For that matter, I can't think of a wolf movie I've liked either. I've seen "Ring of Bright Water" (otter) and "Dances With Wolves", and disliked them both! I've seen a great lion film in "Born Free", a great orca film in "Free Willy", and plenty of good dog flicks. But I want my wolf and otter fix! ;-)

A Daredevil remake. 'Nuff said.

A sequel to "The Incredible Hulk". It was very good, and totally left it open for a sequel.

More Japanese Christian movies period! This one trails only a new Japanese Christian martyr film (which really is totally in the same category) as my #1 most wanted unmade film.

A Super Gals film, preferably animated with all the same Japanese cast back. Actually, I'd like several films, but just one would tickle me pink. A live-action one could be interesting too, but I'd really just prefer a well animated film. I know this probably will never happen, but I can dream. At least we got 52 eps out of the series, which is more than I would've expected right there! So I can be happy still! ^^

A Mobile Suit Gundam film. The first "Transformers" really stunk IMO, and I won't even see the sequel. We need a good mecha film.

More hockey biographical films. I'd especially like Sakic to get one (followed by Bourque and Roy), but I'm not picky. About the only NHL player with a movie is Maurice Richard (who's film is called "The Rocket" in the USA), and while he certainly deserved one, we need more (Gretzky, anyone?).

More films that counter stupid stereotypes. I'm sick of most relationships being non-biracial (nothing wrong with relationships of the same race, not at all, but why is this 99% of the time what we see?). I'm sick of the person with glasses, freckles, or braces being the nerd. I'm sick of long nails constituting a tramp or a witch. I'm sick of the fat guy being the dope. I'm sick of the disabled not getting more attention. I'm sick of the same kinds of characters and storylines floating through the majority of the movies we see today. I'm also certainly sick of everyone feeling like they have to go along with what the world say is right because they're afraid to speak out and be ridiculed or attacked for it, especially when it comes to what is morally and spiritually right. Some filmmakers do this, thank God, but that's usually from the small name companies who still believe in good things, not the big name people who have been so sucked into fame, money, and the world's ways.

Speaking of people speaking out for what's right, isn't Abe Lincoln getting a movie? If not he certainly should!

A Miyazaki films that is like his new ones in every aspect except bad content, i.e.: I don't want another based around Shintouism and/or witchcraft.

That's all for now. What about you?

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